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Hey y’all, I’m Haley.

A film school kid turned food blogger and videographer. Before running the successful food and health blog, Brewing Happiness, I attended Chapman University where I studied filmmaking and screen acting.

These two studies have given me a unique perspective on food videography. I approach every video I make with a deep sense of storytelling – no matter how simple. I believe a story connects us all as humans; and the better you are at storytelling, the more people will engage with your work. I also firmly believe that ANYONE can learn to make beautiful food videos.

All you need are the right tools. I’m here to give those to you. XO.

Haley is truly an expert when it comes to the world of videography! The thought of creating our own videos was SO intimidating at first, but Haley taught us the insider tips and tricks to creating great videos. Now we confidently offer our clients quality video content as a part of our custom packages on a regular basis.

Meg van der Kruik,
This Mess is Ours

Haley has an incredible eye, passion, and unique skill set that she brings to producing top-quality food videography. So you can imagine my excitement in learning that she would now be sharing these skills in an online video course. Using her technical background and approachable teaching style, this course teaches you the ins and outs of creating one-of-a-kind food videos that will help take your brand to the next level. I recommend this course to anyone looking to create beautiful food videos, expand their skill set, and build their online food business. It’s a game-changer!

Laura Davidson,
A Beautiful Plate

I knew I wanted to hire Haley to be my videographer literally from the moment I saw her videos. She is sooooo uber-talented at telling a food story and making it beautiful and captivating to watch. She went to film school, and it shows. I love working with her! And I can’t wait to get my hands on her new videography course.

Kelly Pfeiffer,
Nosh & Nourish

Haley has mastered the art of capturing both beauty and motion, and edits with a fresh and unmatched brilliance. To learn from her is to grow instantaneously and immeasurably.

Lily Diamond,
Kale & Caramel



These courses will be a little like a film school crash-course (without the $100k price tag.) Every course comes with hands-on worksheets, easy and applicable instructions, and an up-close-and-personal look at how I create my unique recipe videos. So no matter how you learn best – these courses will work for you!  Buy them together or separately; the choice is up to you. 


DIY Food videography

Learn to make beautiful food videos at home ALL BY YOURSELF. (Yes, it’s possible.) In this course you’ll learn the basics of making a “Tasty-style” video as well as some more unique and advanced approaches to recipe videos. Each lesson includes worksheets, homework, and behind the scenes looks into how a recipe video is made. You’ll learn industry-standard film terminology, as well as how to tell a story with your camera, and everything in between!


Editing Crash Course

Think of this as the reader’s digest version to editing – none of the confusing extras, just exactly what you need to edit a beautiful recipe video. In this course, you’ll edit a video side-by-side with me! YES – by the time you’re done with this course, you’ll have successfully edited a recipe video. You’ll continue to learn storytelling techniques through the editing process that you can apply to editing any kind of video! 


Being an on-camera brand

This course is the bread and butter of what my screen acting degree taught me – how to be an authentic and natural on-camera brand. You’ll learn filming techniques, relaxation exercises, and applicable strategies to help feel more comfortable in front of a camera. No matter if you just want to feel more natural filming Instagram stories or you want your own Food Network show, this is the course to help you achieve that! 


The Bundle

Consider this the triple threat. If you really want to step up your marketability game, get ALL THREE courses with the bundle. Learn how to shoot and edit your own videos like a pro, plus, you’ll get access to the bonus course, Being an On-Camera Brand! With all three courses under your belt you’ll be able to create a successful blog or brand with you at the center. It’s the complete package.



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