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DIY Food Videography

Learn to make beautiful food videos at home ALL BY YOURSELF. (Yes, it’s possible.) In this course you’ll learn the basics of making a “Tasty-style” video as well as some more unique and advanced approaches to recipe videos. Each lesson includes worksheets, homework, and behind the scenes looks into how a recipe video is made. You’ll learn industry-standard film terminology as well as how to tell a story with your camera, and everything in between!


editing Crash Course

Think of this as the reader’s digest version to editing - none of the confusing extras, just exactly what you need to edit a beautiful recipe video. In this course, you’ll edit a video side-by-side with me! YES – by the time you’re done with this course, you’ll have successfully edited a recipe video. You’ll continue to learn storytelling techniques through the editing process that you can apply to editing any kind of video! 


Being An On-Camera Brand

This course is the bread and butter of what my screen acting degree taught me – how to be an authentic and natural on-camera brand. You’ll learn filming techniques, relaxation exercises, and applicable strategies to help feel more comfortable in front of a camera. No matter if you just want to feel more natural filming Instagram stories or you want your own Food Network show, this is the course to help you achieve that!